If you want to get your website, personalised email and domain name online quickly and get yourself out there, then click here.

We develop websites
Your requirements will determine what the best option for you might be. Website development is not expensive anymore and if customisation is small, the fees are small too… and our sites look really nice.

We do web analytics
Having a web presence is the first step. Making sure it performs well and attract the right customers is the next. Our web analytics will give you piece of mind about the impressions, hits and visitors of your site.

We do Search Engine Optimisation
With over 1,133,428,757 websites in the world and growing per second it is of imperative value that search engines know about you. SEO is all about increasing the rank of your website.

We develop online web-based solutions
SaaS (Software as a Service) is being used more and more and the way to go for this is online and web-based solutions. Speak to us to migrate into a world of online offering.

We develop mobile apps
…and so the entire world is busy with app development. For now, it is the way for mobility, ease of use and increasing engagement. Speak to us to help you get the best from mobility.

We manage intranet systems
Life beyond SharePoint if you want it to be and with the option of customising and personalising your company intranet. Maybe the way to go is mobile?

We do really cool e-learning
Whether you need formal e-learning for an LMS or just some mobile friendly learning pages we have the technology and skill to give you exactly what you need. Our learning specialists also design according to solid learning and just-in-time principles.

We manage LMS’
Taking the effort away in administrating Learner Management Systems is a thing we do. We focus on the consistency of data, representation and visual user experience in Learning Management Systems. Speak to us to create or customise your own.

We develop and manage databases
Focusing on SQL, MySQL, or even MS Access, and depending on your needs we will create, manage and administrate your database. It is all about doing it smartly and efficiently, and with ease of access in mind.

 We do data manipulation
If you have a lot of data and need that to be visual, readable and easy to understand then speak to us. We use HTML, JavaScript, CSS and a lot of other tools to manipulate data into understandable formats.

We enhance site security
Professional hackers is what we are, but we do it ethically. We will find and eliminate the loop holes and the vulnerabilities of your data and online software/websites. It is scary how vulnerable many sites online is.

We integrate systems
Talking about integration wouldn’t it be great if numerous systems were interacting seamlessly. Using API, Soap and other protocols we build and maintain systems that act as integration or middleware.

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