If you Google “definition of a junkie” you will see it defines as a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something. For us our dependency is data, whether created, manipulated, analysed, channeled, used or reported on. In our modern world data is the in center of the digital space and for us that means business: our business to ensure your business receive the best solution to manage your data, whether it be operational, marketing or sales related.

The brains behind DataJunkies started with a Learning and Development solutions business in 2006, then later expanded to digital, e-learning and web-based software solutions. We also expanded into website development, mobile development, and retail web-based software solutions, like online shops, stock management software, and CRM’s. Read more about our services we offer.

DataJunkies are based in Auckland, New Zealand, and our footprint expands to the US, Africa and Australia. Our online customer management setup ensures you get reliable and fast services, irrelevant of location. Our customers have an ongoing transparent view of the progress and time management of projects.