Making your mobile app ideas a reality

Yes I agree, it’s a tough journey converting a good idea into a great working mobile app. Asking developers to create an app based on an array of ideas and concepts has about a 4% success rate. The reason for such low rate is the divergent thinking between developers and creators. Creators have a rainbow of ideas and developers build blocks of code. The devil is in the detail!

I’ve noticed that sometimes the costly part of app development is the confusion around what the app actually should do and thus time and resources spent getting it to do it. There are bargains available and you might get your app idea out there quicker than you think. Speak to us to find out more.

So I thought it might be a good idea to jot down some things I have learned in our journey of helping clients get what they want: (in random order)

  1. There is a golden question that needs answered before tackling a project which is, “What problem are you trying to solve?”. Get that right and you’ve jumped leaps.
  2. An array of greatly thought through mock up pages with elaborate descriptions will help developers get the idea.
  3. Mock up pages come from detailed customer feedback. Asking mum is not enough. We do HCD sessions (Human Centered Design) which involves asking people how, what, and why, then follow some serious ideation processes. Let your customers be the voice of your app design.
  4. Follow up, track your project, and be involved the entire time.
  5. Do all the effort, planning and thinking upfront. One way to piss off a developer is to change direction or keep asking for addons.
  6. Make sure you are clear on your design and style.
  7. Get a whole lot of user stories. Tell these stories from various angles.
  8. Tell people about your app. Be open to feedback. Learn from how others think.
  9. Saving ($$) is failing. If you want to get something done cheaply, you’ll probably get cheap crap… Like I said, devil is in the detail and in detail is where a lot of time is invested.
  10. Expensive does not mean quality. Choose your developing company wisely.
  11. Make sure your plans and app designs are future ready. This will save a lot of headache going forward!
  12. Be open to accept that your app might be a really bad idea, but don’t worry… start the next idea and keep your ideas coming.
  13. Include data analytics & recording into your design. Many people forget this and data is a crucial part of your app.
  14. Get a brilliant development company/team. You’ll sleep much better at night.

Speak to us if you have an idea, and don’t worry, your idea is safe with us. I guess that is probably the first step, finding someone that shares your passion.

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