Consciousness on a stick

Cryonics aside, in the near future a way to preserve the memories of a close relative could be saving it onto an USB data stick. It is indeed only a matter of time for technology to have the capacity for your loved ones’, 86 million, brainy neurons to fit onto a pen-size data stick, along with a word document, an illegally downloaded movie and some photos.

How does scientists foresee mind uploading to actually present itself in our day-to-day existence? Will grandma be an .exe file with an option to scan for viruses before she gives out her traditional turkey recipe? Tongue in cheek, nevertheless it is a fascinating discussion for those curious about translating consciousness into data.

True consciousness is as vague to humans as is true randomness. It is then somewhat unlikely that binary linearity can achieve true randomness and thus produce conscious wisdom, and we, for now my friend, will instead explore a much scaled version of artificial intelligence.

Grandma’s executable file will produce an infinitesimal calculus based on a series of data collections on wisdom and trust me on this; 80 years of data in dance with 86 million neurons technically should produce an infinite number of thoughts which would most likely fool the masses that she is real!

This is the beauty of machine learning and big data; it can seem real (If you’re a data fan, watch the movie ‘Ex Machina’). Big data simply follows a monkey see monkey do principle. It observes and collects information of great quantity and if algorithmically correct, can make deductions of a noteworthy type. But practice caution, analysing big data and creating the platform for machines to self-learn is like acrobats walking on high-rope. The margin for error is limited and the slightest miscalculation can produce great lengths of falseness.

The world is on a data-boom and its exponential movement scares me, not because of its overwhelming qualities rather than the revelations we are yet to see. It also scares me as human behaviour are collected mechanistically and I am not sure people are ready for the mirrored truth of such detailed analysis. The beauty of the human race is the complexity of its less-understood conversational transactions, not knowing but doing, not understanding, but being, not as calculative but carefree.


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